Today at CPH:DOX you can catch the world premier of ’Homo Sacer’ by Lode Kuylenstierna about a digital phantom! The program also offers a range of new Danish video and film works.

Homo Sacer + Cosmopolitanism
‘Homo Sacer’ is screened together with the short film ‘Cosmopolitanism’ by Erik Gandini.

We no longer live in an isolated corner of the world. Whether we like it or not, we are all citizens of this planet. With his animated documentary ‘Cosmopolitanism’, the Swedish contemporary chronicler Erik Gandini takes the age-old concept of the film’s title, revives it and puts it under his cinematic microscope in a colourful defence for cultural and political visions. Like a sociological concept detective, Gandini oscillates between arguments by the movement’s supporters and meticulously hand-coloured animations, which illustrate our complex global reality. The animator couple Michelle and Uri Kranot’s vibrant visuals ooze life and political restlessness, like an artistic companion to the colourfulness and diversity that the film celebrates and defends. Is the idea of a worldwide community naive and unrealistic? The answer is a resounding: no! It is not only possible, but an imperative necessity.

Homo Sacer: The Sacred Man or the Accursed Man
During violent riots in London in 2011, Esau Essadi Green is caught on video as he robs a man who is lying half unconscious on the pavement. When his identity is leaked on the internet shortly after, he is bombarded with insults and threats. His face becomes the symbol for the indifferent selfishness that the English riots was an expression of in the eyes of many – not least compared to the glorious Arab Spring that was sprouting all over North Africa. Esau, however, is a digital phantom made of equal parts prejudice and wishful thinking, as the core of the young artist Lode Kuylenstierna’s research in a project about authenticity and the social medias’ influence on society’s sense of moral judgement.

Meet the director at the world premier today in Dagmar at  16.40

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Danish Artists Film/video
Five new film- and video works by Danish artists. From Greenland and Panama to an herbal garden in Letland: transcripts, rituals and reflections of history.

The films will be screened today at 19.15 at Normann Copenhagen. There will be drinks before the screening at 18.30 provided by Normann Copenhagen.

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